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Biopsy for Urticarial Vasculitis in Lupus

I have suffered with autoimmune hives for many years. Before my Lupus diagnosis, the doctors called it chronic idiopathic hives or urticaria. Once the doctors learned that I have Lupus, they revisited the hives and began calling them autoimmune hives. No one ever took a look at them (other than seeing my photos) because the eruptions were so few and far between, and, of course, they never appeared while I was at the doctor’s office. But over the week or so, the hives have been so pronounced—huge, red, and itchy in the first two days, then bruise-like by the third or fourth day—that my dermatologist decided to take action. **



One word to describe my Lupus body today:  Biopsy

Which habits and rituals did I practice to soothe my Lupus body?

  • Ate a clean diet
  • Breathed fresh air
  • Stayed hydrated
  • Protected delicate skin

More details about my physical symptoms:
Ever since my Lupus diagnosis a few years ago, I’ve continued having small breakouts of autoimmune hives; but, nothing like I’m going through now. So, I have been seeing a dermatologist about the hives, the hair loss, and the sun rashes related to Lupus. He told me that the nature of my hives—long-lasting and bruising—could mean something more serious than a histamine reaction. It could be urticarial vasculitis, an inflammation of the blood vessels of my skin. The only way to diagnose urticarial vasculitis is through a biopsy. So, he was able to squeeze me into the schedule today to get one of these notorious hives biopsied. Three punches of skin from my inner thigh are being sent to the UCSF lab for testing and diagnosis.




One word to describe my Lupus mind today: Nervous

Which habits and rituals did I practice to strengthen my Lupus mind?

  • Asked for and accepted help
  • Connected with my doctor
  • Managed stress response

More details and thoughts about how I’m feeling emotionally today:
After all these years of wondering whether my hives are vasculitis, I’m finally going to get an answer, maybe. If it is vasculitis, I will have to start taking stronger immuno-suppresants and steroids in order to prevent the condition from spreading to my organs. That thought terrifies me. I hate taking so many medications as it is. I’m so nervous about this, and I have to wait two weeks before getting the results. Meanwhile, I’m taking a double dose of Zyrtec, which sends me to la-la land. I guess being a little sedated at this point might be a good thing.



One word to describe my spirit today: Outcomes

Which habits and rituals did I practice to nurture my Lupus spirit?

  • Enjoyed sacred space
  • Meditated, prayed, visualized

Thoughts about my spiritual connection and spiritual lessons learned today:
Now that the sedating Zyrtec has helped the itching stop, it felt a little easier to meditate. I just focused on getting the most positive outcome from the biopsy. I began to feel a sense of hope and gratitude for finally getting a biopsy after all this time.



Today my meals were:

  • Breakfast: Apple and gluten-free oatmeal
  • Lunch: Roast turkey lettuce wrap
  • Dinner: Grilled pork chop, sweet potato, broccoli
  • Snacks: None



At least one thing that I’m grateful for today:

  • A patient, understanding, and knowledgeable dermatologist.

**(This post is based on the format of the Lupus Diary that I developed for keeping track of how Lupus affects my body, mind, and spirit, I check-in here once a week to let you know about the more interesting days of my Lupus journey. To learn more about the Lupus Diary, how I developed it, and why I use it, click here.)

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