Emotions of Lupus

My New Blue Streak Wheelchair!

Dear Diary,

In preparation for our whirlwind trip back East, Hubby and I decided to buy a wheelchair so that I could get around without pain. We plan to visit family in Michigan, Maryland, and Massachusetts.

I’m praying for two things: 1) that I’ll have the energy to manage the trip; and 2) that I’ll avoid any major pain or complications with the Lupus.

Knowing that we’ll be touring and sightseeing in places where cars aren’t necessarily allowed, I asked my new orthopedist what I should do if we had to walk or stand a lot.

She suggested that I get a wheelchair. Her suggestion probably should have floored me, and in the past, I’m sure it would have. But, at this point, it didn’t. It only seemed like a great way for me to continue enjoying my life with my family.

Sure, I’m having moments of fear that this is the beginning of the end of my walking days. And, sure I’m thinking those vain thoughts of how can anyone look good in a wheelchair?

I had the same thoughts when I first starting using the assistive cane. These instruments are a means to an end. I remember when I first was diagnosed with avascular necrosis in both hips, I hated having to use that cane. One very wry doctor told me to just glam it up with some rhinestones and racing stripes and get on with my life.

I suppose I can take the same approach with my new Blue Streak wheelchair. It’s a lightweight, beautiful blue chair and happens to fit me perfectly. And, it’ll sure be nice not having to give excuses as to why I can’t participate in the fun events of this trip.

Now, I just have to figure out how all the other wheelchair passengers make airline arrangements.

Just goes to show, you have to be adaptive and strong to live this Lupus life. No doubt about it.






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