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Still Recovering

Dear Diary,

It’s been nearly three weeks since my appendectomy, and I’m still recovering. I find myself sleeping during the day for several hours, especially after I’ve done any extra activity like going out to breakfast or lunch.

My incision sites are still bruised and last Saturday, I was surprised by blood seeping through my sweater, where one of the more painful incision sites started to leak. Yuck!

I followed up with my surgeon, and he said it was normal to have some leakage as long as everything around it was healing and that I wasn’t running a fever or anything. Geez, it’s always something, right?

This coming Tuesday, I will see Dr. T, my rheumatologist, for the first time since she called and told me to get to the ER. We’ve talked since then, once when I was still in the hospital and another time when after I got home. I asked her about whether or not I should continue with the Plaquenil, considering the appendicitis and all. She agreed with my thought that maybe I should stop it for now while I heal, then resume a few weeks later.

That’s one dedicated doctor, for sure. I’m grateful.

I sent thank you notes and cards to everyone who thought of me during my emergency. People from church to long-time friends of mine and of my Mom. I often wonder what they must think about my constant health problems over the years. I’ve been in and out of the hospital so many times. All I know is that, unlike the old friends who gave up on me for one reason or another, these friends are unconditional friends for life. Still recovering, I love them for that.



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