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Dear Diary,

Well, today is Good Friday, and Hubby had the day off from work. It was SO nice to spend quiet time with him. We slept late, and he joined me in lounging all day in our pajamas.

I can feel the difference that getting a lot of rest makes. I have been at home pretty much all week after my two doctor appointments on Monday. So, I have accumulated four days of doing nothing and going no where. It’s hard to describe the difference in pain level and the renewed sense of energy that comes with resting like this.

The only thing Hubby did today was walk to get the mail, and for the second day in a row, the stack of envelopes included lab test results. Yesterday, the results were my routine tests that my rheumatologist orders as part of her monitoring my Lupus and Plaquenil. Today’s test results were from the neurologist’s order. That’s when the lab took all those vials of blood last week.  All I thought she ordered was a test of my creatinine required to make sure my kidney function was normal prior to the brain MRI with contrast.

But, I see that she ordered much more than that. She had me tested again for Lupus, and the results of my anti-nuclear antibodies (ANA) and Anti-ds DNA antibodies were both abnormal, as expected. The Lupus hasn’t gone anywhere.

She also tested my thyroid function, vitamin B6, and repeated the test of my vitamin B12 levels (because it was so high when the Lyme doctor tested it). But the bulk of the report showed that she also ordered tests that I’d never even heard of before, including a heavy metals profile that tested for lead, arsenic, mercury, and cadmium; and a serum protein electrophoresis with the results given in numbers and plotted on a graph.

Thankfully, nothing seemed out of the ordinary or indicative of any disease process as far as I can tell. I will know more when I follow up with her after the brain MRI.

In the meantime, I’m putting all this medical stuff out of my head and enjoying my quiet time with Hubby.

How’s that?



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