Symptoms & Reactions

The Compromised Immune System

Dear Diary,

It’s flu season, and I got hit bad this year because of my compromised immune system. I just filled my second prescription for antibiotics to clear up a lingering upper respiratory infection resulting from my bout with the flu nearly a month ago.

In handing me the prescription, my pulmonologist advised me to limit my contact with people. She explained that having Lupus keeps my immune system somewhat compromised, having to balance first, the over activity, which makes it attack good cells with second, the Lupus medicine, which slows down the immune response, making it less responsive to the bad cells. It’s a very delicate balancing act.

With the flu and other various illnesses going around, my immune system has to work that much harder. So, I haven’t been out very much—not even to church—in several weeks. It’s a good thing too because lately all I’m seeing on Facebook from members of our church is how someone or another is getting over strep throat, bronchitis, the flu, or even pneumonia. Good grief! I certainly don’t need to be exposed to all that, for sure.

So, for the moment, I’m inside. I paint, and I write. I eat, and I sleep.

In a few days, though, I will be getting out to for my much-anticipated appointment to see the first Lyme disease specialist. He’s in California, about a two-hour drive from Reno. He’s well-known for his treatment of long-term, undiagnosed Lyme disease and the complications it can cause.



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