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Note to My Sister

Dear Diary,

Today I sent my sister a note after she had surgery to remove the cancerous tumor from her breast as well as the lymph nodes where the cancer had spread. The surgery went well, and they also put in a port in her opposite shoulder where she’ll receive the chemotherapy injections. She also had additional tests to find out if the cancer had spread to other parts of her body, and those tests came back negative. So, THANK GOD, it was only in her breast and lymph nodes, which have now been removed.

We’ve all been so upset by this whole thing, and we still have a ways to go with the chemo and radiation still to come over the next several months. On Saturday, Mom flew to Maryland to be with her. I wish I could have gone, too, but it’s just too much for me to travel under such duress. I’d only add the burden of my ill health to the situation. So, I’m there in spirit and in constant contact.

Here’s my note to my sister to her to let her know that I understand what she’s going through:

Hey Sis,

I know I don’t have to say this, but I hope you know that you can call on me at any hour of the day or night if you need to talk, cry, scream, or just complain. You have every right to let out the emotions of all this.

I’ve been trying to figure out how best to be there for you. I want to keep you upbeat, but then I don’t want you to think I’m glossing over the seriousness of all this. I know you’re scared, especially since Mom has returned home, and you’ll be at home alone when everybody’s at school or at work. But, please remember that I’m at home alone, too. It’s not easy being alone with your thoughts and fears about what’s going on in your body. Keeping busy is a way of coping; but what happens when you can’t use “busy-ness” to occupy your mind because you’re just too tired or too sick?

Before all this happened to you, I really looked forward to your calls during the afternoon here, while you were driving home from work. Having you to connect with means everything to me. It helps me get out of my head, and you don’t get sick of my complaining–hahaha! 

I hope I can return the favor now that this downtime has been forced upon you. So, please call even if you don’t know what you want to say….

Dar, you will get through this, and God’s going to lead you to the answers about the other symptoms that you’re having. You just have to let go and let God handle it. Believe me, it’s not easy, but all you have to do is remember how He revealed the breast cancer to you. I mean, it was amazing how that woman just came out and told you to have your mammogram done. God’s got this, so don’t carry any burdens that you don’t have to.

I love you.


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