Symptoms & Reactions


Dear Diary,

The word for today is INFLAMMATION. This is a continuation of the aftermath of the infamous chiropractic treatment earlier in the week. The shock to my system continues to migrate from my spine and nerves to my chest, ribs, and lungs. (It’s probably all connected, but I don’t know.)

That feeling of tightness in my throat and chest got progressively worse into the night. And so did my breathing. The only thing my “go-to” rescue inhaler did was make my heart race. I tried my best to sleep, propping my pillows to keep from lying flat in bed—much too painful for that.

But after drifting off to sleep for about two hours, I woke up in a panic. Unable to breathe, sweaty, with a racing heart. Should I go to the ER? Or ride it out? I decided to ride it out, recalling how similar this was to the last few ER visits.

So, no sleep for me, only more puffs of medicine, more heart racing, and body-shaking anxiety.

I’m writing this as the sun rises. I’m taking solace in the beauty and calm of the snowfall outside our bedroom window.

I’ll get through this. I always do….



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