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We’re Home!

Dear Diary,

We’re home! What a whirlwind trip. I’m happy I did it, but I’m in so much pain. It was worth it to see family. I made a very conscious effort to take it easy, but the simple act of interacting and socializing put a huge strain on me. Not to mention our day trip to Sequoia National Park.

SequoiaNationalParkWhy we didn’t bring my wheelchair was beyond me. I slowed everyone down. Even with the cane, I could not take a step without horrible pain in my hips, legs, and back. The world was moving in fast motion all around me, while my pace was that of a snail. I think the snails probably had a chance to win a race against me. Ha!

It took every ounce of me to shift my focus from the pain to the beautiful big trees, the crisp mountain air filled with the scent of pine, and the bright rays of the sun beaming through the tall tree tops. It was much easier to experience this beauty once I found a bench to sit on while everyone else explored the forest’s pathways. Just for a moment. Quiet nature and me. Oh how I miss being outdoors.

My love for the outdoors is could be the reason I’m in this predicament if the Lyme disease tests are accurate. All those solitary hikes in the woods, or book reading by the rivers, lakes, and creeks in Maryland way back when, surely gave those little ticks plenty of opportunity to bite me. Even still, I wouldn’t trade those beautiful summer and crisp fall days for anything. Thank you, God.



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